Water and Sewerage Charges - Exemption Scheme for Small Third Sector Organisations

PUBLISHED: Dec 12, 2013
CATEGORY: Govt Consultation Responses (2013-14) 

This paper seeks to obtain views on proposed changes to the water and sewerage charges exemption scheme.

The availability of wholesome drinking water and the safe disposal of wastewater are crucial to public health and a clean environment.

This consultation paper seeks views from customers, third sector organisations and other stakeholders on aspects of the water and sewerage charges exemption scheme and the case for change - in particular:

  • What are the key principles which should govern a new scheme;
  • Who should be eligible; and
  • When should the new arrangements take effect?

Any responses recieved will be used to inform decisions on the terms of a new exemption scheme. The new scheme will form part of Ministers' 'Principles of Charging for Water Services 2015-21 Statement' which will be published in summer 2014.

Consultation Document in Full

SSA Consultation Summary Document

SSA Consultation Response February 2014