SSA Submission to Health & Sport Committee 'Sport for Everyone' Inquiry

PUBLISHED: Jun 17, 2017
CATEGORY: Consultation Responses 17-18 

Phase 1

On behalf of our members, the SSA recently responded to a 'Call for Evidence' from the Scottish Parliament's Health & Sport Committee in relation to their 'Sport For Everyone' Inquiry.

The Committee met on 21st February 2017 with several key indivduals and organsiations to discuss the submissions made. 

The SSA made a written submission and were one of the organisations asked to attend the round table discussion.

Details of the Inquiry

SSA Written Response

Full Video of the Meeting (excerpts below)

Complete Transcript of the Meeting

Phase 2

Following this Call for Evidence the Committee published their findings in a report which can be found here and launched Phase 2 of the inquiry, specifically focused on grassroots sport and the importance of developing strategies to remove barriers to participation. The SSA, on behalf of our members, responded to that further Call for Evidence with a written submission:

SSA Response to Phase 2 


21st February Meeting Excerpts

Below are some excerpts of the meeting which we think may be of particular interest to our members. These clips include discussion points from our CEO Kim Atkinson as well as Mark Munro CEO of Scottish Athletics. Although they all look the same they are different clips when played.


Discussion around barriers and activity guidelines


Discussion around evidence to encourage investment


Discussion around capacity challenges


Discussion around cuts to sports funding and preventative spend