Lacrosse Scotland - Chair

Lacrosse Scotland is looking for a Non-Executive Director to fufil the role of Chair.

As Lacrosse Scotland continues to work on its aim for sustainable growth, the Chair of Lacrosse Scotland will work closely with Board members, staff, operational volunteers, and our dedicated membership to cultivate and develop the sport. This includes furthering positive relationships with key stakeholders including members, clubs, sportscotland, our fellow Lacrosse Associations internationally, sponsors, the European Lacrosse Federation, and the Federation of International Lacrosse.

Applications for this position close on 18th February 2019.

Among the key responsibilities of this role are that the Chair of Lacrosse Scotland will:

- Take responsibility for managing the Board and the affairs of Lacrosse Scotland

- Lead the delivery and development of Lacrosse Scotland’s goals set out in the Strategic Plan

- Ensure the governance of Lacrosse Scotland is efficient, effective and fit-for-purpose 

- Lead the identification and development of potential sponsorship and business opportunities

- Scrutinize performance and decisions taken by the Board and sub-committees to meet agreed targets

Lacrosse Scotland is looking for an individual with an advanced understanding of sports development principles and experience in appointing and line managing for various volunteer roles, along with the ability to expand the governance of the Company and Board and support in providing direction, leadership, and a strategic vision. 

To view the complete role specification, and to submit an application for this position, please visit

Applications for this position close on 18th February 2019.