Preferred Supplier - GDPR Services

Are you prepared for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Following on from enquiries and concerns raised by our members with the SSA in relation to the forthcoming GDPR requirements, the SSA is delighted to have partnered with Beaumont Watson Consulting as its preferred supplier of GDPR support. This will provide specially negotiated rates and tailored support for SSA members (and your member clubs).

The introduction of GDPR, which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, will increase protection for individuals and require businesses (including SGBs and your member clubs) to comply with new obligations to improve transparency in relation to the processing of personal data. A failure to comply may result in substantial fines which can be up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover or EUR20m whichever is higher, negative PR and a lack of public confidence.

All SGBs and clubs will undertake some element of data processing and as such should ideally be GDPR compliant by 25 May 2018 but at the very least should have commenced a compliance project and have a plan for implementation. Beaumont Watson has put together a number of packages with different levels of support and different price points to ensure there is something to get all SGBs started on the path towards compliance. All packages include training, a workshop and a suite of template documents; further information on these, including pricing, is contained within the attached document. These special packages and discounted rates are open to all SSA members and to any of your member clubs who require support, so please feel free to share details of the support available with your members.

You can find out a bit more about Beaumont Watson via their website. If you would like to book or require further information please get in touch with Beaumont Watson via

In listening to the needs of our members, the SSA has carefully selected Beaumont Watson to meet members' needs; the SSA will receive a management fee from the partner to administer the programme for our members and this fee will also contribute to the long term sustainability of the SSA and the operation of the Preferred Partner Programme on behalf of our members. Please note that the support is provided by Beaumont Watson directly, through an agreement between your SGB and Beaumont Watson directly and although BeaumontWatson is the SSA’s preferred supplier for GPDR compliance support services, the SSA shall not be liable for any advice provided by Beaumont Watson to any of our members.