Shared Administration Service

In addition to our normal member services, we also offer SGBs the opportunity to access our Shared Administration Service (SAS). We understand that often SGBs need help with the administrative side of their business but don't necessarily have the need for, or the resources, to recruit a full time member of staff. We offer SGBs the opportunity to 'buy' dedicated staff time from our skilled workforce to help support their organisation.

Our Shared Administration Service (SAS) is focused around releasing the time and capacity of staff members/Board members/volunteers, as well as supporting the development of the SGB. It is achieved through the provision of quality and appropriate administrative support – this is about helping SGBs to develop their governance, to become more efficient and effective and by so allowing SGB staff/Board members to increase their focus on the specific requirements of their sport which require their singular expertise. The SAS is about making a difference and improving governance standards within the SGBs who are involved in the Service.

Instead of writing an exhaustive list of what is included in the SAS we have put together a short less than 4 min video giving you an insight into the Service. If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of this please contact our Executive Administrator Marcin on or call 0131 339 8785, who would be happy to talk you through it in more detail.

Please click on the tiles below to learn more details about particular Shared Administration Service that might be of interest to you. Please note that we are continously adding video-clips for each of the service we provide, therfore, please don't hesitate to contact us directly around those not yet readily available below (in grey):