Member Services are a core function of the SSA. Our aim is to provide tailored, relevant and valued services - which support the diversity of our membership - to meet the current and future needs of our members.  

Shared Administration Service

Our Shared Administration Service continued to expand by responding to our member's needs and developing a suite of services designed to make it easier to access support as and when they need it.

In 2016/17 we we supported three governing bodies with our full service package, offering dedicated staff time covering all aspects of work.  In addition to this, we began offering a range of services as individual 'modules', ensuring that SGBs can access support on an ad hoc basis to support their individual needs. The first of these was our new Minute Taking service which has proved successful, offering experienced staff to attend board, and similar meetings, where an independent scribe can often be favourable, in reducing hassle and improving efficiency for SGBs

We appreciate that each of our members’ organisation, structure, staff and sport are unique, and as such each SGB will face different challenges. Therfeor, the modules are designed to make it easier to understand, identify and use parts of the Service that would benefit SGBs the most and help respond to these challenges. We have produced short video clips of the modules which are currently available so that you can see exactly what we can offer your organisation and will keep you posted as further modules become available.

You can read more about the service and watch clips of what we can do to help you here


Member Services

We saw continued growth in the usage of the services offered around the sharing of resources and expertise, including, member queries/requests, and job adverts. By facilitating this service we ensure that our member’s use of time is as efficient as possible and our thanks go to all our members who take the time to respond to any requests and for submitting job adverts.



On Board for Sport

We have seen continued growth within our On Board for Sport network. This is testament to the value of the programme which sees the SSA utilising its extensive network of contacts, including a wide range of contacts outwith the sporting sector to find suitably qualified individuals to fill board vacancies within SGBs.

The success of the programme has been recognise across SGBs with almost a 40% increase in the number of SGBs utilising this service.

We have further increased our presence outwith the sporting sector and have represented the membership at a number of events to ensure promotion to as wide an audience as possible. Our network has expanded significantly over the past year and now have direct contact within over 60 organisations from a breadth of sectors including, legal, finance, marketing, voluntary, private and public, education and many more. 


SGB Learning & Development Programme

The sportscotland & SSA Learning & Development programme continued to go from strength to strength. We saw the highest number of courses ever offered, over a broad range of topics with increases in number of SGBs engaged in the programme and the number of course attendees.