UK Honours

The Scottish Government, for the past four years, has worked in partnership with the SSA to support Scottish sporting nominations to the UK Honours Awards process; a partnership which has consistently identified an increased number, breadth and quality of nominations from grassroots sport in Scotland towards the Honours process.

This is your opportunity to nominate those who have made a significant and demonstrable contribution to Scottish sport.

Do you know someone who has:

  • Made a strong and positive difference to their sport and community?
  • Shown outstanding innovation?
  • Shown exemplary and selfless volunteer work?
  • Improved life considerably for those within their club/organisation?
  • Carried the respect of their peers?
  • Made significant changes and achievements in Scottish sport?
  • Brought distinction to Scottish life or enhanced Scotland’s reputation through their achievements and efforts through sport?
  • Made a real and lasting difference to their sport and/or their community.

If so, we’d like you to nominate them for a UK Honours Award!

Full details on the partnership, the procedures and the application process can be found in the menus to the left, however, should you have any specific questions relating to this please contact